The Robert Jospe Trio Performs in Monterey Saturday May 14

The Highland County Arts Council welcomes The Robert Jospe Trio to Monterey Saturday, May 14.  The performance is part of the Arts Council’s Second Saturday @ 7 concert series.  Robert Jospe has quite a selection of music planned for the show.

“We’ll be doing a combination of classic jazz covers, some originals, some pop covers and just a nice varied program of instrumental music that I think people will enjoy,” says Jospe.  “We’ll be swinging, we’ll be doing some Latin, some Brazilian, Afro-Cuban styles, some funky things and generally a broad range of instrumental music.  I think most people will recognize a lot of the material.”

In the early 90’s Jospe started leading his own band and he has released eight CDs.  In addition to performing as a drummer, he teaches jazz drumming and hand drumming at the University of Virginia.

“Performing has always been really my favorite, favorite part of being a musician,” says Jospe.  “I love to play.  I’ve spent my whole life, ever since I was sixteen years old, practicing and developing my style on drum set.  Performing for people is one of the most fun things there is, with really good musicians.  The connection with audiences, seeing people smile, enjoy the music, being able to spontaneously talk the talk so to speak, you know, play the language of jazz and rock.”

Music cut — “Beautiful Love”

“I am coming over with really a fabulous all-star trio of pianist and bassist and myself, of course, on drum set,” says Jospe.  “Our pianist Daniel Clarke just finished ten years on the road with K.D. Lang and our bassist Paul Langosch was on the road for twenty years with Tony Bennett.  We have played together many times over the years and so we’re really psyched to be coming over as a trio to play music.”

The Robert Jospe Trio performs Saturday night, May 14, at 7 at The Highland Center in Monterey.  Cost is $10 for adults and $5 for students 16 and older.  Children attend free with adults.

“I just hope people come out and when they leave the show they say ‘Wow, I really enjoyed that.  That was really special and I’m going to remember it’,” says Jospe.   “And just feel a sense of appreciation for the presenter who brought us over there and feel like it was a good experience for them.”

The Highland County Arts Council is a supporter of Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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