Twenty Pocahontas County Students Going To State Social Studies Fair

Dunmore, WV – A busload of kids from Pocahontas County schools recently attended the regional social studies fair at Greenbrier East high school. Out of that group, 13 projects won first place honors and the chance to compete at the state level in Charleston in April. Social Studies Coodinator Wanda Hrabina says the kids will face the same scrutiny of their projects at the state competition as they did at the local and regional levels.

“Basically the kids are judged in three categories” says Hrabina. “It’s their display which is their board and all the artifacts they bring; it’s their oral presentation, so how they’re presenting themselves and the story, and then it’s their abstract which is a form that is printed off of the state site. The kids are filling out about their project and how they did their research and what’s involved in their resources and their sources.”

She says the competition is a whole different ball game at the state level.

“Oh I think it really is for the kids because at least here at the county they’re usually familiar with everybody who comes in to judge” she says. “Even at the regional level, even though we’re not judging their projects, they can see some of us that they know from the county so that sorta calms their nerves. But at the state level, almost every single judge is someone they’ve never seen before. And of course it’s in the Civic Center so the room is huge.”

Hrabina says Pocahontas County students traditionally represent the county very well at state competition. She says this year’s group is one of the largest in several years. Like the county and regional competitions, student projects must receive a first place and at least 90 points to move on to the state competition representing the best of the best in the state.

“A lot of these kids have done this for multiple years so they are extremely experienced and the competitions tough” says Hrabina. They have really worked on their projects and presentations.”

Here are some of the projects that will be competing in Charleston. Autumn Ryder and Justin Cain did their project on Princess Diana. Ryder explains what drew them to the project.

“We just heard a lot about her; about how [her death] wasn’t an accident” says Ryder. “All the information led to where it was an accident and not planned.”

Drew Caloccia’s winning project honors a family member.

“My projects about the 7th Armored Division during World War II” he says. “My uncle Bill was in the 7th Armored Division during WW II and I thought I’d do the project to honor him.”

Cassidy Rao and Tyler Davis did their project on Autism. A lot of press about the issue and a fellow student who is autistic led the duo to this project, the first social studies project either of them has done. Both says they are looking forward to state competition in Charleston.

2011 Regional Social Studies Fair Results

Division I – Grades Four and Five

1st – Individual – Hunter Wilfong

2nd – Individual – Tara Warner

3rd – Individual – Henry Whitehead, Victoria Rose

3rd – Group – Jake Gardner, Clayton Shinaberry, and Jarrett Taylor

Honorable Mention – Group – Shannon Stinson, Max Schebek

Division II – Grades Six Through Eight

1st – Individual – Cody McCarty

1st – Groups
Mikalan Holder and Marilyn Creager
Natalie Hartzell and Sarah Lambert
Michelle Murphy and Tessa Himelrick
Kala Lester and Danielle Cain

2nd – Individual – Dylan Cassell, Melissa Murphy, Miles Goodall

2nd – Groups
Brandall Carr and Kendra Carr
Lara Baudler and Jenna Bryant
Samantha Collins and Kaila Peck

3rd – Individual – Galen Sexton, Emily Boothe

Division III – High School

1st – Individual – Santana Beck, Fredericah Gardner, Trisha Circosta, Drew Caloccia

1st – Groups
Cassidy Rao and Tyler Davis
Tiffanie Alexander and Rebecca Jermoe
Autumn Ryder and Justin Cain

2nd – Groups
Karey Barb and Lilly Tracy
Kara Lane, Marka Cain and Pricilla Grimes

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