Two Events for your health coming up in Bath

Bath Community Hospital and the Omni Homestead join forces in October to bring two events to the area sure to make the transition to winter healthier, and possibly, happier.  Both are annual events with the first on October 27th, the Run for Your Life 5K, and one mile fun walk.  The race begins Saturday morning at the Homestead Ski Lodge and winds its way through the resort, parts of the golf course, and a potentially fine fall day.  In the past sometimes surprising creatures have popped up along the course, but this years’ organizers assured me, it’s mainly runners and walkers who will be in costume on the 27th.  There will be prizes for the best costumes as well as the male and female athletes with the best times.  Ten-year-olds and younger can participate for free.  If you don’t register on the hospital website before the 27th, you still can on the morning of the event, by getting there between 8 and 9:00.  Also, shuttles will be running to take participants from the hospital employee parking lot up the hill to the ski lodge.  It’s easy to learn more about the 5k at the Wellness Center in Mitchelltown, or on the hospital’s website.  Proceeds from the race will go towards the cost of new fitness equipment, and operations at the Wellness Center.  For the list of  twelve more event sponsors, see this story on AMR’s website.

  Changing gears a little, health seekers of all ages can move inside on Tuesday, October 29th for the Community Health and Wellness Fair.  This event, again a collaboration between the hospital and the hotel, brings together many representatives who work in health care locally and regionally.  It’s sort of a giant buffet of hospital services and community resources, all with the goal of keeping residents feeling their best.  Representatives from Augusta Health and Lewis Gale will be on site. Those attending, and high schoolers are going to be included for part of the day, can get free flu shots.  If there’s some lab work you need, you can get it on that day for a reduced cost with cash or a check.  There will be two information sessions; the first at 9:00 presented by BCH staff Cara Major and Amy Simmons is about How to get into Health Care Careers.  The second session at 10:30 is an introduction to telemedicine and addressing chronic care. These sessions, and attending the whole health fair are free. In speaking with Amy Simmons about the 30th, I also learned the hospital is equipped to offer similar events for smaller businesses who want to help employees stay on top of their game.  They can tailor what they offer depending on what employers see as priorities, including some of what will be at the Omni Homestead Fair, but also body mass index screenings, and Vital signs checks.  To learn more about all of the ancillary services the hospital offers visit bath hospital dot org, or call 540-679-0288 to speak with Amy Simmons.  And on Tuesday the 30th, don’t forget to try the pumpkin pancakes.

Highlands Community Bank
Annette Kirby
William and Prudence Fields
Mountain Laurel Creations
Camp Mont Shenandoah
Valley Supermarket IGA
F.C. Plecker & Sons Inc.
Summit Community Bank
Tuck Away Cabins
River Uplands Farm
Trimble Construction


TOP sponsors: Bath County Office of Tourism and The Omni Homestead Resort

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