Virginia Dept Of Emergency Management Tips For Winter Weather Preparedness

Richmond, Va – No one knows if this winter will be as bad as the last one, but with these tips from the Virginia Dept of Emergency Management, you and your family can be ready for whatever old man winter throws at you.

Be sure to have plenty of blankets or sleeping bags around if the power goes out and you have no heat. If you use kerosene or propane heaters to heat your home these should be used with caution. Remember to keep the room ventilated by opening a window. Keep heaters at least three feet away from flammable objects such as blankets, furniture, and curtains.

If the power is out and you need information be sure to have a battery powered radio with extra batteries so you can keep in touch with updates and alerts. In case you cannot get out of your home, you will need supplies. Stock at least a 3 day supply of food that doesn’t need refrigeration or electricity to prepare. You will also need a supply of water on hand. Three gallons of water per person will last 3 days. Also, be sure to have flashlights and extra batteries on hand.

And if you must drive during a winter storm try to stay off the road to give snowplows time and space to work. It’s best to wait until daylight to drive so sunlight can warm the roads.

In addition, the VDEM suggests making a family emergency plan for non-weather related emergencies. When making a family emergency plan it is important to choose an out-of-town friend of relative to contact during emergency so they can communicate the emergency to other friends and family. In addition, it is important to choose a place to meet outside of your home in case you cannot return home such as your church or a friend’s house.

If you are a parent or guardian it is a good idea to find out if your child’s school has an emergency plan. Important things to learn are: how will the school communicate with families during crisis, are they prepared to house students in school during emergency, and where will students go if they evacuate the school.
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