Virginia’s Covid-19 Information Center Explained

The following is a transcript of a conversation I had with Mrs. Lori Hicks. The full audio file is linked below.

I’m Lori Hicks; I’m the director of marketing and communications at Bath Community Hospital. Thank you for the opportunity.

The state has announced a new Virginia Covid-19 information center in Richmond; it’s available 7 days a week. The number is 1 877-829-4682. The good thing about this is that anyone can pre-register.

There’s also a website: All of the registrations collected through the Bath County vaccination hotline were imported into the new system over the weekend. Your registration is not lost. It’s now in the hands of the state and with this website you can check to see that you are in fact registered. it’s available in English and Spanish and there’s a callback feature with a hundred different languages as well as a TTY service.

The community can log into this website or call the number to confirm their registration. It’s important to note that anyone who registered through our local hotline should be able to log in and then check to see if you’re registered. Anyone in any phase can register, so let’s go ahead and get everybody to call in and use this website.

It’s a very simple website. It’s important to note that it is case sensitive, so if you were to register with Danny spelled capital D A N N Y and then went into search with a lower-case d a n n y it isn’t going to find you. Overall, the  system is very user friendly.

I asked if there was any information she could share about the next vaccination clinic.

Unfortunately, the supplies for a vaccination clinic aren’t there. The adverse weather did impact our delivery this week. Right now working on second doses primarily for our health care providers, our elderly and teachers. As soon as we have the supplies, we will be moving quickly to set those up.

I asked if there are any other places listeners can find information.

The Bath County vaccination hotline is still available. If you need assistance, they’re willing to help. It’s important that we help our neighbors who may be challenged technologically or maybe they can’t hear very well. In any case, help your neighbors.

Everyone is doing their part to make sure everyone gets registered for the vaccination.

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