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Allegheny Mountain Radio is a non-profit community network, meaning that we rely on the support of our fantastic listeners, as well as businesses and organizations who choose to underwrite with us. If you are new to the concept of underwriting, it is a unique, effective way to invest in your organization while supporting our great little radio gem in the heart of the Allegheny Mountains. Allegheny Mountain Radio works like a friendly neighbor, spreading the word about your business!

 Allegheny Mountain Radio is a community network of radio stations which are public and non-commercial. We are operated by volunteers and a small paid staff. WVMR went on the air in August 1981, WVLS in May 1995, WCHG in June 1995, Radio Durbin in July 1998, WVMR-FM in October 2010, and WNMP in October 2011. AMR’s programming covers Pocahontas County, WV, Highland County, VA Bath County, VA and parts of surrounding counties. We are also streaming globally via our website alleghenymountainradio.org.

 Our Mission

 To provide timely and accurate reports of local and state events including weather, news and community events.

To provide a forum open to all residents of our listening area for the discussion of public issues.

To provide music and entertainment to our audience.

To promote the economic development and general well being of the area.

To train local residents to use the medium of radio to express their thoughts, feelings, and talents.


What is underwriting?

 An underwriting spot is an on-air announcement or a “radio postcard” that is an acknowledgement of a donation made by a business or organization in

support of the radio station.­

Who can underwrite?

 Corporations, Small Businesses, Philanthropic Organizations, Charitable Trusts, Individuals

 Why should I underwrite?

 As well as financially helping AMR continue to provide educational & entertaining programming to our listening areas, here are just a few reasons why

supporting public radio makes good business sense.

 100% Tax Deductible! Because AMR is a non-profit organization, your payment for an underwriting spot is considered a donation!

 More bang for your buck! A commercial radio station from our region costs up to

TEN TIMES what AMR charges!

 Improve local opinion of your business! A poll of National Public Radio listeners showed just how much public radio affects listeners opinion of sponsors.

 55% prefer to buy products and services from companies that support public radio (when price and quality are equal)*

 67% hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio*


21% have purchased a product or service because of an announcement on public radio*

 *Source: ICR, Excel Omnibus, Interviews with 1000 US adults. “Listeners Opinions of Corporate Support,” May 2001


 We have many packages available for underwriting. Prices vary according to the type of underwriting you are interested in, however, the value you receive for your advertising dollar is unbeatable. Call us for detailed information on what it will cost you to become an underwriter!

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