Wellness Center Open At Highland Medical Center

The expanded services of The Highland Medical Center now include a Wellness Center, which can be utilized for physical therapy needs for patients, and is also available for use by the general public. We spoke with Ronda Lambert, physical therapist and director of the Wellness Center to learn more.

“Our Wellness Center is in the back room, off of the therapy clinic. It is available for therapy patients, as well as members who want to join just to use it. We actually have quite a good selection of exercise equipment – we have treadmills and seated steppers, we have an elliptical trainer, we have a weight training machine that has four different stations. We have a rower, we have some assorted light weights, we don’t have any real heavy free weights, but we have a total gym and some bicycles.”

She talked about the specifics of availability and cost.

“We have teenagers that come in and exercise, and we have a lot of older people that come in throughout the day and exercise. Anyone who would like to join the Wellness Center is more than welcome to come by, and we will give them the packet. We have a couple different rates – the whole Medical Center has the discount program, and people that are on the sliding scale there can qualify for sliding scale for the Wellness. So if you’re on the $10 scale for the Medical Center visits, it’s $5 a month for the Wellness. We also have a senior rate that’s $10 a month, for senior citizens 65 and older. Our regular rates, if you don’t qualify for the reduced rate, is $25 a month for one person, or $40 a month for a family – and the family is anyone that resides in the same household.

“Our hours are the same for physical therapy and for the Wellness Center. It is 8:00 to 5:30, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – so we’re closed Wednesdays and we’re closed on the weekends.”
Exercise is not the only thing available – there may be employment opportunities as well, which Ms. Lambert explained.

“We are actively looking for another physical therapist assistant in particular, because we have been very busy for several years now, so we’re actively trying to seek out some other professionals to join the staff.”

She provided contact information for those wanting to learn more.

“They can contact us with the phone number there at the physical therapy department, 540-468-6430, or you can e-mail me at rlambert@ourhmc.org ”.

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