Zuzu’s Hot 5 Performs in Monterey Saturday, June 11

The Highland County Arts Council’s 2nd Saturday @7 concert series brings Zuzu’s Hot 5 to Monterey Saturday night.  Susanna Rosen is one of the singers in the group and calls herself the ringleader of Zuzu’s Hot 5.

“We are going back to the roots of jazz,” says Rosen.  “We are going all the way back to 1900 and the type of music we do is called hot jazz and it is often referred to as traditional jazz.  You might have also heard it called Dixieland music.  The hot jazz and the trad jazz is the way I like to characterize it, because the hot jazz got it’s name from blazing tempos and fiery improvisations, where our soloists step out and show their stuff.  And so the thing that you might recognize from Dixieland jazz or hot jazz is the improvisation that comes from soloists stepping out at the same time and playing at the same time.  That’s really what makes the top of my head come off, when they start playing.   It’s my favorite part.”

Music cut – Dark Eyes

“A lot of it’s still alive now,” says Rosen.  “You will hear songs that we play that you already know.  Lady Be Good, I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie, songs that you know, but they came from the 20’s.”

Music cut – St. Louis Blues

“I really enjoy the spirit of the music,” says Rosen.  “I love making people smile, I love dancing around to it and, to me, the 20’s and 30’s are the most joyous music there is and I just want to share it with people.”

Zuzu’s Hot 5 performs Saturday, June 11, at The Highland Center in Monterey.  The show starts at 7pm and admission is by free will offering.

For more information, visit www.highlandcountyartscouncil.org

The Highland County Arts Council is a supporter of Allegheny Mountain Radio.

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