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Highlands Bird Club President Discusses Ecological Importance of Birds

By Mickey Frank Thomas / November 20, 2019

Patty Reum explains why it’s important for us to be aware of local bird species and the impact we have on their survival.

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Bath-Highland Bird Club Gets a Makeover

By Mickey Frank Thomas / November 19, 2019

The former Bath-Highland Bird Club is now the Highlands Bird Club and with the name change comes and expanded focus.

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The Highland Center Names a New Director, Shifts Focus

By Mickey Frank Thomas / November 19, 2019

The Highland Centers new executive director talks about a change in focus at the Center.

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Future Leaders Visit WVLS Studio

By Scott Smith / November 19, 2019

We learn more about Girl Scout troop 429

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Pocahontas County Wrestling with Possible Future Consolidation of Schools

By Tim Walker / November 18, 2019

It is harder to provide services to less students in the same number of schools with less budget

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Purchase of Radio Consoles and the Opioid Litigation Discussed in Bath’s Recent Board of Supervisors Meeting

By Abby Dufour / November 14, 2019

During the November Bath Board of Supervisors meeting, the topic of the opioid litigation going on the US was discussed, along with where Bath County is on it. The board also passed an action that will be greatly beneficial to citizens and Emergency Servies by agreeing to purchase new radio consoles.

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Pocahontas County -One of Top Two Tourism Counties in West Virginia

By Tim Walker / November 13, 2019

“Pocahontas County was awarded the best overall advertising campaign award”

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Hillsboro Elementary Students Celebrate Veterans

By Tim Walker / November 12, 2019

SONG- Grand Old Flag That was the Hillsboro Elementary School Students musically celebrating Veterans Day and celebrating their veteran relatives they had invited to the observance and to join them for lunch at the school on Friday, November 8th. Similar Veterans Day pageants were held at each of the Pocahontas…

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Teachers Forbidden to Connect Personal Devices to School WIFI -A Safety Issue?

By Tim Walker / November 8, 2019

Many teachers see this as a safety issue which would prevent a teacher from notifying other teachers and administrators discretely if they see a suspicious activity or other safety issue.

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Pocahontas County Received $21,450 from the PELT Lawsuit

By Tim Walker / November 6, 2019

Bob Martin also informed the Pocahontas Commissioners that he will be retiring from the practice of law on February 29, 2020 as well as from his position as the Commission’s Counsel.

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