#46 – Valentine’s Day!

#46 – Valentine’s Day!

This is Recipe Roundup Episode 45. In planning for this week, I was so overwhelmed with different ideas for Valentine’s Day that I decided to simply give a few tips for making almost any meal or food worthy of this celebration of love!


I really love Valentine’s Day – perhaps mostly because my own birthday is on the 13th. Many times I would have heart shaped balloons or special chocolate as part of my celebration. I think I also just adore how Valentine’s day was celebrated in elementary school. Likely we would have a class party where everyone brought in chips, soda, and best of all – a variety of pink and red themed desserts. We each would have a little paper bag that we had decorated, and everyone gave each other valentines, sometimes with candy, sometimes with stickers, sometimes just with really cool graphics! 

The way adults celebrate, or rather the way jewelry companies tell us adults celebrate Valentine’s day has never held that much interest for me. So I continue the childhood tradition of celebrating with food and treats!

Let’s start by talking about the big one: Chocolate! I am an any-day chocolate lover, so when Valentine’s day comes around every year it is first on my list of things to include. While there is no shortage of themed chocolates of varying quality, if you are a true fan of chocolate, I highly recommend finding a high quality option. Simply melting it down in a bain-marie to eat over fresh fruit will heighten your experience. Again, nothing wrong with the traditional heart box filled with truffles – I  know I typically will buy myself one of the mini boxes even if I don’t receive one. But adding the small preparation can make this delicacy feel extra special. 


Next on my list is heart-shaped and red colored foods. This year, my partner and I are planning to make heart shaped pizza from scratch, likely with heart-shaped pepperoni. If you have a metal heart cookie cutter or some culinary scissors – really, what can’t be made into a heart? Heart- shaped toad in the hole (when you fry an egg in the hole of a piece of toast) or Heart shaped pancakes can be a perfect breakfast in bed option – you might even be able to achieve heart-shaped bacon by wrapping the meat into form and then baking. Cherries and red berries are great flavor inspiration for any sweet confection. When cut in half, strawberries hit both of these goals as they appear like little hearts. Allow your creativity to flow! 


Finally, I think the day is about luxury. This isn’t the time to worry about diets. This is the moment to embrace the luxury of love through food! Surf and Turf entrees are one of my favorite choices for an extra special dinner. This is also an occasion that I want to cook with wine for – white wine in creamy sauce and seafood, red wine on the beef…and maybe a little bit in the glass if it’s your style. Even if you’re celebrating the holiday on your own, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lovely date! Treat yourself! 

If you are looking for a specific recipe, here are some from past episodes that might work: Coffee-rubbed London Broil, Great and Lazy Alfredo, Chocolate Berry Sauce, Cupid’s Chocolate Cupcakes, and Maple Apple Roses.  

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